Shipping policy

1. PAINTINGS can be shipped abroad. However currently SHOPPING CART PURCHASES can only be made for delivery within New Zealand. Do get in touch though, if you live overseas, and would like to purchase something from our Home and Object range. We'll do our best to make it work for you.

2. Prices are in New Zealand dollars, and the transaction is covered by NZ legal jurisdiction.

3. There is no GST charged on any of our items. At checkout a one-off flat rate freight (including handling) charge of $7.50 will also be added. Points 12-16 also apply to shopping cart items.

4. The cost of any other item on the website is the cost BEFORE delivery or postage and handling costs including insurance where applicable. GST is not charged.

5. Payment by credit card is via our secure Paypal business account.

6. Payment must be made in advance in full, prior to purchases being shipped to the customer.

7. FOR ITEMS REQUIRING A FREIGHT QUOTE: As items differ in size and weight, as well as packing needs to protect them for delivery, this will affect the final shipping cost as will the final destination.

8. Upon your request for information as to how much the final cost of your purchase might be, we will contact our courier company for their estimate, including insurance (this particularly affects articles over $1500 declared value). For this we will need a full delivery address from you where the parcel can be delivered during normal working hours on Monday-Friday only.

9. Once we receive the estimate back from the courier company, along with an estimate of how long the delivery should take, we will contact you with that information. It is then up to you whether you wish to proceed with the purchase.

10. Upon confirmation that you wish to purchase the article(s) for which we have provided a quote, we will invoice you for the full amount, and provide the link to our secure Paypal payment site.

Please note that ALL Paypal payments for items NOT available via the SHOPPING CART will carry a surcharge on top of the price of the artwork or product and shipping and handling. This is the surcharge that Paypal charge their business customers, and we are transparent about the fact that we pass this on to clients who choose this option. This is due to our charitable focus. For DOMESTIC customers within New Zealand, this surcharge is 3.4% of the total transaction price; for INTERNATIONAL customers this will be between 3.9% and 5.4%, depending on your geographic location. gives a table of their current fees as of July 2015.

11. Once you advise us that the payment has been made, and it is cleared into Saraban Tree's Paypal business account, we will arrange for your purchase to be delivered to you as previously arranged. Should any change have been made in your availability to take delivery of the parcel, it is your responsibility to advise us of this when advising us that the payment has been made.

12. Once the courier has collected the package, we will give you any relevant reference numbers you will require to track it.

13. Should the parcel not arrive as advised, we require you to advise us immediately so that we can follow this up with the courier company.

14. It is your responsibility immediately on delivery of the parcel to check that it has arrived undamaged. Should something have occurred in transit to damage the article, we can only make a claim if you immediately alert us to this, and supply us with photos or other evidence to show that the damage resulted while the package was in transit. You must ensure that damaged freight or packaging is not repaired or disposed of until you have received advice to do so from us.

15. Our insurance does not cover your purchase from the time you take delivery of it. Any damage from that point on would require you to claim under your own house and contents insurance policy.

16. We undertake to use professional couriers so that we can feel confident that your purchase arrives safely at your end. We want you to be delighted when your purchase arrives!

17. Purchases made by using the shopping cart will be processed the same working day we receive them, and will be sent out by courier either that day, or the following working day.

18. If you need your purchase to arrive to meet a special occasion deadline, please just send us a quick email noting item code, and giving the full delivery address, so that we can give you an estimate as to when the parcel should reach the recipient once payment has been received. Please note: this estimate does not cover unexpected weather, shipping or seismic events that might delay courier services.