Privacy policy

We value all our customers, and their privacy. This means that:

1. When we collect your contact information during a transaction, this is done in order to ensure that your purchase reaches you.

2. We will always ask if you wish your details (name, address, contact phone and email address) to be added to our database, in case stock comes in which we think might be of particular interest to you.

3. We will ask if you wish your email address to be added to our newsletter and distribution list, so that you can receive news that interests you, regarding new artists, exhibitions or wares.

4. If you don't want your details added to either of the above lists, they will only be kept on the invoice, receipt and delivery correspondence and records relating directly to your purchase. These are kept securely at our office.

5. We will not pass on your contact details to other agencies or businesses for either commercial or research purposes, unless you have given specific prior approval.

6. By using our website, you become part of our website traffic. Google Analytics gathers information regarding which pages our customers click through to, along with information such as which country you are in. This is not however connected to your specific contact details. We use Google analytics so that we can provide more of what our customers enjoy.

7. If you sign up to our newsletter, this means that the contact information you give us in that sign-up form, along with areas of interest that you specify to us in the sign-up form, will be shared with our current newsletter distribution service (currently Mailchimp) in order for them to ensure you receive the appropriate newsletter.

8. We use Paypal's secure payment service to process your online credit card transactions. We therefore never learn or store your credit card details, and Paypal undertake to store them securely during any transactions. Their full privacy policy can be found at

9. When you purchase from us in person, face-to-face, using a Visa or Mastercard Credit Card or EFTPOS, your purchase is processed using ANZ's secure Fastpay system. This app does not allow us to store your customer or card details.

10. These and any other trusted 3rd party partners we use to deliver services to you, have at least our level of privacy security or higher.