Returns and Quality policy

1. We go out of our way to ensure that anything you purchase from us is original and authentic. We want you to be delighted with what you buy.

2. When we say that something is an original work of art, and state the medium in which it has been produced, this accurately describes the work. We do not sell photographic or other mass-produced print media copies of artworks under the guise of their being the original artwork.

3. If we say someone is an Established Artist, this means that they have a recognised and consistent, traceable exhibiting history, including participation in Art Award Finals where stated. This information is available to you in the Artist's CV and Bio, which you can find in the website section: Our Artists....

4. If we say someone is an Emerging Artist, this will tend to mean that their work shows merit, and that they may already have been exhibited in various venues, solo or group shows. We will note this in their Artist's CV and Bio where we have this information.

5. The prices given on the website reflect accurately: how a product or artwork relates to similar products or artworks by the same artist or maker, previously sold by us or other dealers; a fair return to the artist, where the work is on consignment to us, along with our commission; or a fair price for products sourced by us overseas and imported into New Zealand, resulting in associated insurance, freight and travel or transport costs. The price of some of our vintage or overseas-sourced products may also reflect their scarcity, or the difficulty involved in sourcing them due to the products coming from warzones or areas of unrest.

6. If any goods are faulty (as opposed to vintage goods displaying any wear and tear referred to in the online description of that product; or artworks where there is a clear reference to "distressed" frames) we will of course happily refund your purchase money.

7. In the event that, for some other reason, you are dissatisfied with your purchase, please contact us immediately, so we can work with you to discuss options.

8. If you're still dissatisfied after talking or emailing with us, and wish to return your purchase for a full refund, please contact us to advise us that this is what you wish to do. Any returned goods need to be back with us in their original condition, within 14 days from the date when the purchase payment was made. (21 days for overseas purchases) Any smaller items such as textiles or jewellery, must be returned unused and (for clothing or jewellery) without having been worn, in their original packaging and condition. You will however be responsible for the cost of the return courier, and the original shipping and handling costs are non-refundable.

9. Goods may only be returned to us via courier. (Please discuss this with us). Smaller items should be repackaged in the packaging in which they arrived. Artworks must be packaged for our preferred courier in the original packaging (in the case of INTERNATIONAL customers, we will advise as to the courier who will package the artwork). This is to ensure that the canvas (or similar) surface and the structural integrity of the piece are protected from damage.

10. Please note: given our charitable focus and our donation policy, any artwork being returned will need to be returned AT YOUR OWN COST with our preferred courier. If you live in the Auckland area we may be able to collect the artwork ourselves, at no extra cost to you. Please just enquire.

11. Once the item has reached us within that 14 day return period, (21 days, for overseas purchases) and we have checked that it is free of damage and can be made available for purchase again, we will refund you the purchase price of the item or artwork as originally shown on the website. The refund will not include the original courier cost to you.

12. We aim to make all photographic representations of work for sale accurate in terms of colour balance. Please be aware though that the colour calibration of your own computer screen may vary slightly from the actual colour of the artwork in question. If in doubt, we are only too happy to have a discussion about the colour or detail of a given work.

13. We love what we sell, so we are confident that you will only be pleasantly surprised when you receive it. Everything looks better in person than online!