With a background in charities and working with refugees, both overseas and in New Zealand, we are keenly aware both of the lasting change NGO's can make when they know their sector and have won respect there; and how crucial it is that their money is spent effectively.

    The charities we choose are ones we are passionate about, and trust - both for how they use their money, and the difference they make. They are often ones we have a long personal association with.

    Here's what our charities have said about us:

    "TEAR Fund New Zealand is grateful for the contributions that the owners of Saraban have made to our organisation through child sponsorship and financing a microenterprise bank. We are grateful for their long term investment and thrilled to see them turning their hand to fresh ways to raise funds and awareness for issues of poverty on a global scale. Supporting the work of Saraban means 10% of the sale price goes to charities like us that rely on donations to reach one more. Happy Shopping" (Helen Manson, Tearfund NZ)

    "We really respect what you are doing with your business (reconnecting art and social justice), it is truly a wonderful thing and we are so very proud and honoured to be a part of your cause. We will definitely be spreading the word about your cause in any way we can." (Sophie Hashimoto-Benfatto, Imani Children's Trust)

    "Thank you so much for being a regular and generous supporter of the Auckland Refugee Family Trust." (Janfrie Wakim, Auckland Refugee Family Trust

    "Dear Janet, dear Craig, we want to say thanks a lot for your wonderful help for our women's prison in Herat. I like this project for women and kids. They get new hope and healing for their  souls by working with plants and trees, seeing them grow and grow….." (Sieglinde Stolte, Shelter Now)

    Whether they support people at home or abroad, Saraban Tree's charities work in areas of need which anyone can appreciate, no matter how challenging or comfortable their life, by offering those in need a second chance:

    PROJECT ACT - TEARFUND NZ'S ANTI-TRAFFICKING PROJECT  The chance for former modern day sweatshop, domestic and sex slaves to be free to experience a life of security and empowering paid employment in a safe environment

    IMANI CHILDREN'S TRUST  The chance of an education for uprooted children displaced by war in the Great Lakes Region of the Congo

    AUCKLAND REFUGEE FAMILY TRUST  The chance to live in safety with one's own family

    SHELTER NOW  The chance to live in a house - however small - rather than just a tent; to have clean water and emergency food supplies... PLUS - the chance to learn new skills and earn a living, for widows, orphans, the disabled, and men in war-torn regions

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