• Saraban Tree launch their Spring Collection

    29 July at 07:45 from atlas

    Here at Saraban Tree we're getting ready for Spring!  We're excited to announce our first Spring collection, themed around flowers, gardens and colour!!!  New arrivals just in include:

    ·  Amazingly beautiful handwoven 100% cotton scarves from the Sukita project in Nelson.  Set up by Dr Kay Sneddon, it was inspired by the Kayan Burmese hilltribe ladies who do this weaving.

    ·  Beautiful original design handmade ceramic vases in a refreshing spring green glaze.  Limited numbers available, 3 different designs. 

    ·  An original, handmade print by Janet in a limited edition of 50, inspired by Afghan gardeners and new beginnings.

    ·  Our Blooms greeting cards - bursts of colourful flowers with a Central Asian or more traditional twist, in 2 different packs of 6 cards.  Great for special occasions, small gifts, and as a way of supporting the Saraban Tree vision for those with less money to spend.

    ·  And of course, our incredible range of paintings by 85 year old artist Daphne Mason, finalist in several major art awards in New Zealand, with work held in collections in China, North America, Europe, South East Asia and Australasia. 

    Donations made by both Saraban Tree and our artists / artisans from the sale of  these artworks and artobjects will benefit:

    • Salvation Army
    • Save the Children
    • Auckland Refugee Family Trust
    • Shelter Germany (NGO working in Afghanistan)
    • Imani Children (support including education and orphanages for displaced children in Great Lakes area in and around Democratic Republic of Congo)
    • Community English and Craft Class run for former refugees and migrants in Nelson, by English Language Partners

    To find out more, and see the full range in store visit us at http://goo.gl/1mzMbm, and sign up for our free newsletter so you always know when new artworks and high quality artisanal made handcrafts appear on our cyber-shelves!