• Our beautiful Afghan Ceramics are finally in store!!!

    12 September at 16:44 from atlas

    Finally!  Our Afghan Ceramics have hit the store.  We fell in love with Afghan ceramics many years ago on our travels, and had managed to acquire a couple of truly beautiful bowls for ourselves.

    For the first time, we've managed to find some gorgeous examples for the rest of you.  These have a rustic feel, due to the traditional firing methods used, including the practice of stacking bowls on top of each other, separated with tiny pads of clay.  The colours are beautiful, and they're handmade from start to finish, so you know these are truly one-offs.  

    For more about the background to these ceramics, go to our blog: http://goo.gl/6Q4rpj  and read the post from September 8th:  Red Thread Suitcase Show Afghan Bowls.