• Online exhibition of 2012 - 2013 works by Daphne Mason

    6 September at 13:31 from atlas

    Saraban Tree are delighted to present our online show of works from 2012 - 2013 by established artist Daphne Mason.  These new works show Daphne at her best, revisting some of the disciplined explorations of colour and form that have kept re-engaging her over the nearly 50 years of her painting career.

    The series Compositions displays an almost mathematical approach to balance and form, yet intersperses the more rigorous elements with the carefully placed, more organic forms.  Daphne was already working on these independently, before becoming aware of  current trends being seen in various fashion and design fields globally.  As such, this series shows Daphne as being right up-to-the-minute in her thinking as an artist, and places her squarely within that wider international context.

    The series Nebulons from 2012 is in contrast a far more organic series, yet the rigour and discipline Daphne brings to these is akin to that of a choreographer placing her dancers to achieve the perfect balance.  A joyous exploration of colour and form, the sense one has when viewing these is is rather like being present at a performance of the best of modern dance.

    To view the 23 paintings that make up this online exhibition, visit us at http://goo.gl/1mzMbm and click on Gallery. Then on the right hand side of the page, click on Painting Daphne Mason 2012-2013.  Enjoy your visit!